Typical stay at the sleep laboratory

The CARSM clinical facilities are located on the 5th floor, wing J, of the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal. The laboratory includes 5 private rooms each equipped with a sink. Outside the rooms is a shared bathroom available to patients. There is a central control station equipped with recording devices (polygraphs and individual acquisition stations) and that allows the technologist team to maintain constant audiovisual contact with patients throughout their stay.

Our team of specialized technologists is always on site to ensure a comfortable stay and to ensure that all questions about your sleep tests are answered at all stages of the process. The team is trained to respond to all patients suffering from sleep disorders in both clinical and research contexts.

The course and duration of a stay in the laboratory may vary depending on the reason for consultation. Usually, you are expected at the lab around 7:00 PM and leave the next morning around 9:00 AM. Depending on your symptoms, it is also sometimes necessary to assess the quality of your waking vigilance. In that case, the sleep/wake recording continues during the day and you leave the laboratory around 5:00 PM.

When you arrive at the laboratory, you will be asked to put on your nightwear (preferably 2-piece pyjamas) and then we proceed with installation of the electrodes. These electrodes are small metal discs stuck to the skin in several places on the head, face, chest and legs with an adhesive paste. They are used to record the electrical activity emitted by different regions of the body.

After applying the electrodes, you will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires, then you will have some free time until bedtime. Just before you go to bed, various sensors used to record respiration and oxygen saturation (oro-nasal cannula, chest and abdominal straps) are installed. The sleep schedule is determined by the assessment protocol; bedtime is usually between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM. In your free time, you can read, watch TV or watch movies that you have brought along.

Each patient has a private room. Cell phones must be completely turned off during check-in and for the duration of your stay? (night and day). Please note that smoking is prohibited in the hospital. When we contact you to schedule an appointment, we can answer all your questions about your check-in night.