Tore A. Nielsen, Ph.D.

Full Professor
Department of Psychiatry, Université de Montréal
Psychologist (College of Psychologists of Quebec)
Director of the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory
514-338-2222 ext. 3350
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Post-doctorate in Psychiatry (UdeM)
Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (University of Alberta)
M.Sc. in Experimental Psychology (University of Calgary)

Research Interests:
Dependance of learning and memory on REM sleep and dreaming processes. Pathophysiology, cognitive dysfunction, quantitative EEG, and changes in sleep-dependant memory processes in patients with recurrent nightmares. Dream disturbances and parasomnias in pregnancy and postpartum women. Dream alterations in REM sleep behavior disorder. Dreaming, empathy and the mirror neuron system. Nightmares, early-life adverse events, and suicide.

Polysomnography, selective REM sleep deprivation, spectral analysis of the EEG and ECG, sensory stimulation during sleep, virtual reality exposure, sampling and analysis of lab and home dreams, internet-based dream collection, high-resolution SPECT imaging, brain stimulation (transcranial alternating current stimulation).

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Chosen Publications:
Carr M & Nielsen T. Morning REM sleep naps facilitate broad access to emotional semantic networks. Sleep 2015, 38(3), 433-443.

Nielsen T & Powell RA. Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: food and diet as instigators of bizarre and disturbing dreams. Frontiers in Psychology 2015, 6, 47.

Nielsen T, O'Reilly C, Carr M, Dumel G, Godin I, Solomonova E, Lara-Carrasco J & Paquette T. Overnight improvements in two REM sleep-sensitive tasks are associated with both REM and NREM sleep changes, sleep spindle features, and awakenings for dream recall. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory: Special Issue on REM sleep and memory 2015, 122, 88-97.

Lara-Carrasco J, Simard V, Saint-Onge K, Lamoureux-Tremblay V, Nielsen T. Disturbed dreaming during the third trimester of pregnancy. Sleep Med 2014, 15(6), 694-700.

Nielsen T & Levin R. Nightmares: A new neurocognitive model. Sleep Medicine Reviews 2007, 11, 295-310.