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Internship available - Genetic risk factors of sleep disorders

Project Description
Dr. Simon Warby's Laboratory is focused on the genetic basis and modifiers of sleep disorders. Dr. Warby's Lab is multidisciplinary and encompasses clinical, molecular and computational aspects of human sleep research.

Currently we are seeking an internship for a project on the genetics of insomnia. The candidate for the internship will be responsible for entering clinical data, doing literature review, performing data analysis and presenting findings at lab meetings.  Candidates with a clinical background will be reviewing clinical files and analyzing data regarding the overlap of insomnia with other psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Candidates with a computational background may be involved in polysomnography analysis.

This project will lead to the participation at the research day of the Sacré Coeur de Montréal Hospital, and potentially co-authorship on a manuscript.
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Research domains
Biomedical sciences, Psychiatry, Genetics, Biology, Physiology, Psychology

Training site
Centre d'Études Avancées en Médecine du Sommeil (CÉAMS)
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The lab is recruiting students from diverse domains ranging from medicine, psychiatry, and biomedical sciences. Candidates are not expected to have prior experience in sleep research but the below mentioned assets are sought:
•    Statistical knowledge (ex. R)
•    Knowledge in genetics and/or neuroscience
•    English and French speaking

Needed Documents
•    CV
•    Transcripts
•    Letter of motivation (maximum 1 page, describing prior experiences and explaining interest in our lab)
Please send documents to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.