Johannes Frasnelli, M.D., Priv.-Doz.


Regular Professor
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Holder of the Chimiosensorial Neuroanatomy Chair
514-338-2222 extension 7733
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Post-doctorate in Neuropsychology (Université de Montréal)
Post-doctorate in Cognitive Neurosciences (Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University)
Priv.-Doz. Technical University of Dresden, Germany
M.D. University of Vienna, Austria

Research Interests:
Physiology, psychology and pathology of the chemical senses (smell, taste, etc)

Psychophysics, functional and structural neuro-imaging (magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography), electrophysiology (evoke potentials, electro-olfactogram).

Academic Link:$1313-73

Lab Link:

Chosen Publications:
Frasnelli J, Laguë-Beauvais M, LeBlanc J, Alturki AY, Champoux MC, Couturier C, Anderson K, Lamoureux J, Marcoux J, Tinawi S, Dagher J, Maleki M, Feyz M, de Guise E. Olfactory function in acute traumatic brain injury. Clin Neurolog Neurosurgery 2016, 140: 68-72

Frasnelli J, Fark T, Lehmann J, Hummel T. Brain structure is changed in congenital anosmia. NeuroImage 2013, 83:1074-80

Rahayel S, Frasnelli J, Joubert S. The effect of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease on olfaction: a meta-analysis. Behav Brain Res 2012, 231(1):60-74

Frasnelli J, Albrecht A, Bryant B, Lundstrom JN. Perception of specific trigeminal chemosensory agonists. Neuroscience 2011, 25(189)377-83

Frasnelli J, Lundström JN, Boyle JA, Katsarkas A, Jones-Gotman M. The vomeronasal organ is not involved in the perception of endogenous odors. Hum Brain Mapp 2011, 32(3) :450–460